Unexpected and out of the blue
Came out of nowhere
Into my field of view.
Thought nothing of it; just someone new.
I said hello, you said “oh hi”
I can’t explain it, I don’t know why
But this felt different
Have to see this through.

Your truth is hidden
An open heart – forbidden
The choice completely yours
But I’m gonna break through
All of your locked doors.

The first was the easiest to unlock
All we had to do was talk
All night; nonstop.
Learnt all about what makes you, you.
Every night I lay my head to sleep
The knowledge runs over in my mind
Into my subconscious it does seep.

Our discussions bring forth your life
What you do throughout the day and night
The music, the movies and the rest
That opens your soul and brings out your best.
I bookmark them all, keep them for later
Brings for more information
My understanding becomes greater.


Now this is where it gets tricky
Where the pins of the lock have become stuck.
I’ve tried to uncover your thoughts of me
But try as hard as I might – no luck.
Will keep working, time is the key
There’s no need to go quickly.

There is light shining from below
Exposing parts of your feelings
Those that I’ve not allowed to know.
It’s okay, I accept your position
This door will one day be opened
I will await your permission.


The door that I find hardest of all
Is how you are hidden from view
The pictures I’ve seen
Reveal what makes me want you all.
I’ll be grateful, you know it’s true
This will be better than it’s ever been.

The final door, the most guarded
Leads directly to your heart.
Its armour won’t be bombarded
Wait for the rest to unlock; must be smart
The one you must unlock personally
Will stand in front, waiting patiently.



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Posted by:submeg

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