My favourite creative outlet is writing. There’s something special about being able to place collections of characters in a carefully chosen composition to convey a captivating story. I’ve spent many hours creating pieces to tell stories, and express emotions.

I have self-published an anthology of poetry – Grief & Growth. It focuses on a period of time in my life that changed my outlook and became a major source of inspiration. I also have an Instagram page where I post pieces of my writing.

I’m currently working on a science fiction novel, my first. I’ve completed a decent amount of writing, but I know I will need to do a lot more before it’s complete. One aspect I’m going to need to work on more is to read more. Reading is the studying of the writing world. I have a Goodreads profile where I list and provide feedback about the books I’ve read.

Let me know of books I must read, will add them to the “to read” list.