When I think about the human race and the many truly terrible things that have occurred throughout the course of its history, it seems things have only slightly improved (of course, as I haven’t lived during those times, I can only speculate and compare), and it seems that the only way that we can become better is through growth; as a species, as communities and as individuals.

People only begin to change after living and learning, experiencing some form of catalyst, being forced into an impossible situation or finally growing tired of a particular situation. Unfortunately, is seems the learning path doesn’t always translate into change; more likely it will occur after some form of painful situation or event.

After experiencing my own catalyst, I know that it would have been much more beneficial to have experienced the growth without it. However, would the change have occurred without it? Perhaps, but it’s impossible to be sure.

In light of this, I want to highlight different aspect of growth that are occurring all around us. The people and organisations that are working tirelessly to bring about positive and lasting change to both my local community, but also the world as a whole.