Thanks To You

Thanks to you
I was crushed and destroyed
Pieces of my heart and soul scattered on the floor
Years of my love thrown aside and annulled.
Left with nothing when you walked out the door
Replaced with tears, pain and anguish
Sleepless nights and endless days
Prayed for your return to extinguish
The smouldering fire that consumed my thoughts
Of all the things I could’ve done, all the things I could say.

Now I know the truth
That you don’t deserve
What I have to give.
You may have taken my youth
But you can’t take away
My will to live.

Thanks to you
I ambled aimlessly through each day
Nothing could hold me in happiness
At a moment’s notice, the movie would replay.
Tears stream from my eyes
Face grey, soul filled with sadness.
Sat in silence and asked on repeat –
Tried to sift the truth from the lies
Began to realise it was all a waste of time.
Immaturity and Insecurity
The only things left to find.


Thanks to you
I went on the hunt
To find the truth – what I am about.
Tear down the lies, remove the front
Pushed from the safety of self-doubt
I tested the waters of life.
Unlocked so many hidden rooms
The emptiness began to fill
Became easy to sleep through the night.
The fog lifted, clearing of the gloom
What lays in front of me – so unreal
Began chasing after my dream.


Thanks to you
I know my true worth.
I know you have no clue –
But I’ve risen from the pain
From the heartbreaking hurt
I’ve returned to love again.
Transformed to a man fulfilled
To one whom will always give
To those that deserve my time
Those gems buried below.
With some determined digging
I will find
Those deserving to know.


I know you’ll be back one day
However, there’s nothing left for you here
Not a word left to say.
For you are the coward, led by fear
Taken down a soggy, beaten path
Where many have trod; the ruins of many remain.
I won’t be there to save you; I will refrain
Good luck on your journey
You’re going to need it one day.



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Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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