Is this the truth? Is it really happening?
My walls and insecurities,
Seem to be falling.

The warmth in your smile,
The rise in your voice,
Contained in a mystery –
Remain hidden by choice.

Candles burn through darkened night,
Exposes the corners of your truth;
Splashes them with enchanting light,
Revealing every part of you.

The power of your mind;
Its ability to retain every detail.
You then scold me for being a sieve;
You engulf me more than you would believe.

The kindness of your heart,
Radiates with warmth.
Thaws even the coldest of nights,
Dissolves all and any blight.

The sharpness of your wit
Brings me to tears!
I guffaw at your silly humour,
Even at your little bloomers!

The beauty of your soul,
Radiates and echoes.
The good natured woman
Something impressively uncommon.

The depth of your knowledge,
Excites and astounds me.
More intelligence that you give credit for
Use it wholeheartedly and it will open any door.

Your willingness to accept
The cruelty of life.
No anger, no bitterness – a calm demeanour
No resentment, no hatred – haven’t become meaner.

A smile on my face and
A warmth in my heart;
I will remain solidly in place;
Wait patiently for this to start.


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Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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