Writing is an activity that I find incredibly enjoyable, so much so that I spend the majority of my waking hours working with or surrounded by text. Being able to create ideas, explain a topic or plunge someone into another world just through the arrangement of a collection of symbols is both fascinating and inspiring.

I aim to bring that same sense of wonder to others through my use of words, by connecting with others through both my creative writing endeavours and providing writing services.

I have a degree in Electrical and Mechatronic Engineering, however I have written about various technical topics. Part of the development process involves reading, understanding and converting a large mass of technical documentation including International and Australian / New Zealand standards, industry guidelines and internal documentation to create a single document that users can pick up and digest, cover to cover, to understand the requirements of the subject.

As part of my role, I have both created and collaborated on numerous technical documents, including:

• Single page instruction sheets to provide a “quick guide” for users to get started
• Interactive instruction modules to provide detailed information to the user without having to scroll the internet
• Reports and summaries to dissect and disseminate data
• Technical Standards to provide detailed, yet concise instructions and information
• And more

I create blog posts about technology based subjects, including walkthroughs and short guides to introduce and explain to others about new or upcoming features that could be beneficial. By raising awareness and educating on different topics, it allows for users to increase their knowledge and become more skillful and knowledgeable on various topics. Being able to succinctly read and understand the subject material is critical, especially as you cannot be sure of the knowledge level of the audience; the writing must clearly – but quickly – explain the topic.

I also write reviews on both businesses and their products. One thing that forever frustrates me is that, with the amazing size of the internet, it is incredibly difficult to find well-written, informative, “real” reviews. Too often I will find a review that does not provide enough information about the item being reviewed, the writing doesn’t flow or it feels rather one sided; knowing if a review provides an accurate account of the subject is truly difficult. I aim to create reviews that go beyond the surface, looking at the aspects that I know others care about when thinking about different products. I mainly focus on products that I have used or purchased personally in the past, mainly focusing on technology and items that assist in reducing my footprint upon the globe. I am also interesting in writing about products, services and businesses that work to help others; existing to enhance the lives of others.

I am not adverse to writing about almost any topic, provided I either have prior knowledge in the field / subject, or have the ability to research and understand the topic to ensure the final product provides the level of information for the desired audience. If you are looking for someone to create meaningful, informative content, whether it be content for a website, the body of advertising material, reviews of your products and/or services, I’d love to hear from you.