In 2017, I self-published an anthology of poetry, Grief & Growth; focused on the events I endured years before. The pieces contained within focus on the emotions and thoughts that I experienced during that time; everything I thought I knew and believed about love, friendships and people was erased.

I turned to writing to extract the thoughts and emotions that swirled inside me, I found it to be therapeutic; giving me a level of relief, it allowed me to quantify and clarify what I was experiencing, which helped me to become more accepting of everything.

As I began to understand the new version of myself, I came to realise that many people had been through similar experiences. I hope that upon reading this anthology of my poems that it gives you some motivation and inspiration to be present in your life once more; and that if there are times that it all seems too much, that there is hope and that there is always someone who will listen, you just have to speak out.