I love music. Not just a single type of sound, but a wide selection that spans many genres and decades. I’ve been listening since I was a child and began collecting during my teenage years. Prior to the widespread reach of the internet, I discovered I had an ear for being able to recognise songs that sounded similar or had direct samples from existing songs.

After becoming enamoured with the freedom I experienced when practising or performing breaking, I wanted to create my own playlists to use and listen to. As my music collection began to grow, the idea and desire to begin DJing grew. Eventually, I purchased my first set of turntables, and began practising. As time went on and I performed a few gigs, I realised that my connection with music was something that would be with my forever.

My focus in regard to music has shifted over the years, however the skills I learnt have stayed with me, and I reinforced these skills by studying music theory and piano (I also have been studying vocals). Being able to connect songs based on their melody, bass line, key signature and riffs has stayed with me, and I use these skills and my knack for being able to both recognise and remember music and patterns to create playlists. By providing me with a collection of parameters (example songs / artists, a particular genre or mood and what the music will be used for), I can create the playlist you are looking for.

Some playlists I have created:

Focus – Calm
Focus – Ambient

SciFi – Calm