Someone Unequivocally Bequeathed to Making Earth Grand


Originally I created this site to help motivate me to work on my writing and music. At the time, I was just about to begin working on a novel idea and focus on increasing my skills in DJing. However, as time has passed and I have experienced other events, I have gained insight into new aspects, my focus and interests have shifted; leading me to revisit what I want my life to be about.

My Mission

I want to help create a world that is better than the one that we are currently living in. To do this, I want to utilise my abilities to highlight the amazing work of others and assist them to do things easier and more efficiently. This results in them being able to focus on other areas that are more influenctial and beneficial to them as people and their ability to provide better outcomes for their customers and community.

I have a passion for connecting with people and communication. Conversing with people comes naturally, and often people say to me that they feel comfortable being around me and can speak openly as they know I won’t betray their trust. I enjoy seeing things from a different perspective and to assist in creating positivity in their outlook; by sharing my own experiences, I aim to inspire people to go for the things they want from life. Positivity breeds positivity!


To achieve my mission, I have a few objectives:

  1. I am living in my home town, Adelaide. I want to help promote our city as a place to call home and to live. I want to promote local businesses, organisations and people who are doing amazing things within Adelaide, as to showcase what Adelaide (and all of South Australia) has to offer. One thing that is often mentioned is that Adelaide is a small place, and that everyone knows everyone. Why not use this to our advantage and allow word of mouth to permeate through the city to bring to the surface the best we have to offer? I want to achieve this by utilising my writing abilities.

  2. Providing my technological services to help businesses overcome the mundane and often confusing task of data analysis, cleansing, organisation and visualisation. I have extensive skills in the Microsoft Office suite (that I am expanding on every day), and have built many tools to assist a multitude of clients across Adelaide in the varied data related tasks.

    When creating tools, I always sit down with a client to ask what it is they are looking for as a final product, what problem they are trying to solve, and what data they have to achieve this. With those pieces of information, I outline and build a solution, all while keeping in close consultation with the client, to ensure there is no misalignment between the tool and the requirements.

  3. I love music. I have been collecting music for over half my life, and in that time, my music range has expanded immensely to incorporate almost every genre of music. When I say immense, I mean it: with over 1,300 CD albums and closing in on 50,000 unique tracks, I have had to sort, organise and maintain this gargantuan library of music to ensure I can keep on top of what I do and do not have.

    Naturally, with all this music, I began learning the art of DJing, and in addition. learnt the are of creating playlists, how to build moods and had the choice and order of songs can majorly impact upon the mood that is created.

    By offering my music services, I hope to help others utilise the power of mood and music to create the type of environment they want.

    4. I also love solving problems. So much so, that I made it part of everyday life by studying Engineering at University. Being able to think about a situation, issue or idea and turn it from a sticking point to a solution brings me great joy. Additionally, many of my hobbies revolve around thinking and learning, before applying that knowledge and understanding to tackle challenging problems.

    I offer my ability to assist with solving problems by either directly applying my skills and knowledge to actively work on the problem, or by becoming the stand in “rubber duck”; providing a fresh set of eyes, ears and thinking capacity to assist you with determining either the root cause of the problem or possible courses of action.