I enjoy solving problems. So much so, that I made it part of everyday life by studying Engineering at University. Being able to think about a situation, issue or idea and turn it from a sticking point to a solution brings me great joy. Additionally, many of my hobbies revolve around thinking and learning, before applying that knowledge and understanding to tackle challenging problems. Writing, learning music, expanding my knowledge into new areas of technology (and more) all require me to research and challenge myself on a daily basis.

This is also true of my professional role. I work to take complex ideas and information to create something simple; something that someone can pick up and use, with minimal understanding or training. To do this, I work either with others or independently to determine the best course of action, given the information available and the desired outcome. By discussing the problem with others and applying my own abilities, I am able to analyse a situation or issue and provide alternate solutions that were not previously apparent.

There are times when different aspects become so intertwined that it is difficult to see what it is you’re looking at or for, or perhaps you’ve been staring at it for so long, that you can’t determine the next step to take. Often, when I am in this position, I use the rubber duck debugging method, but instead of a rubber duck, I will engage with a colleague to bounce ideas back and forth, providing explanation about what it is I am trying to achieve. Often, during this explanation, either they or I will discover the key to why the issue is an issue.

I offer my ability to assist with solving problems by either directly applying my skills and knowledge to actively work on the problem, or by becoming the stand in “rubber duck”; providing a fresh set of eyes, ears and thinking capacity to assist you with determining either the root cause of the problem or possible courses of action. If you need someone to for a once off problem solving session, or even on an ongoing basis, I’d love to hear from you.