What is Love? Now that is a tricky question!
For it means so many things to everyone.

I don’t know completely, but after some reflection
I can’t provide every description, but here are some:

It means the butterflies that bumble inside
When you have that first crush, everywhere you write their name
But when confronted, feelings run and hide.
Times when you admire from afar, too afraid to say a word
When they pass by, turn bright red, look away and smile wide.
Til one day, he breaks your heart – you realise: he’s a nerd!

It means the excitement of a new connection
Formed from commonality or mutual feeling
A young relationship, with no real direction.
It’s strong, it’s emotive; the ups and downs leave you reeling.
You know it’s not right, you grow, they change
The end explosive; thought you would love forever –
An old friend, someone now estranged.

It means finding that one, who changes it all
Takes away the past, the anger, the pain
Brings you back to life; breaks down your walls.
They reignite your heart, your mind, your soul
Make you want to try, all over again.

It means the unconditional bond between parent and child.
Unwavering support even as the swim naked in a pond.
Even though they drive you crazy as they run wild
Love is forgiving; even if it takes a while!

It means the endless commitment made by two
When she walks down the aisle
The veil is lifted and she says “I do”.
The one person who is there, regardless of the miles
A complementary, compromising friendship
Which is reciprocated, with a common view.

These are just some examples of what love may mean
For it’s so vast, its boundaries cannot be seen.
However there are some things I do know
And that’s what love isn’t; things that aren’t right.
Things that must go.

For love isn’t lust, jealousy or lies
Love isn’t abusive or painful
Which leaves tears in your eyes.
Love isn’t controlling, demanding or possessive
Love isn’t selfish, stressful or obsessive
That is manipulative and dependant, and if you are wise
Time for it to end, leave now and you’ll survive.

So you may ask, what does love mean to me?
I’ll give you a quick run down on what I believe.
I believe that love is rewarding and beautiful
And when it’s right, everyone can see.
I believe it’s joyous, special and unusual
I believe it’s understanding and respectful.
A magical connection; kind and trusting, full of affection.
I believe it’s a journey and it takes work and time.
If it’s right, it’s fulfilling and oh so relaxing
Provides stability and happiness; it’s quite distracting!
There are so many more things I could say
But I would run out of ink and we’d be here all day.

If love is yet to find you, please don’t despair
Be patient, be kind, be open, be fair.
For it could be hiding behind a closed door
Or floating softly on the salty sea floor.
To find that one love, that true love
Take a chance now, let your guard down.
It may not happen right now, it takes time
It’s a journey, but have no fear.
For if it’s right now, it will catch you
And last from right here, right now –
Eternal love with no end in view
Til the end of your years.


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Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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