Bounding through the yellowed grass and dusty plains
The Lioness swipes playfully at her siblings, claws covered
Rolling haphazardly, tackled and pushed before the chase
Grabbing tails and biting ears, the Lioness had no worries
She had no fears.

The winds shifted, sand thrown up
A lion, large and mysterious – entered her path
She went with him willingly, right by his side
 Traveled the Savannah, ran through the plains
Her life complete, never the same.
One day the winds shifted, the truth became clear
She saw another Lioness whispering his name.

Off she did run, disappeared forever
Chased by the demons; leave her – they would never
Climbed up the Baobab – there she did stay.
Each night she would sleep, high in its branches
Hiding, keeping her nightmares at bay.

The sun was scorching, the sand searing
When the mountaineer saw the Baobab in the clearing.
Looking up high, he heard the roar of the Lioness
Telling him to stay away, but he did not listen
Climbed the tree anyway.
Reached out his arm, the Lioness shied away
He left the Baobab, but would return the next day.

Each day he would return, his life he would explain
Cooed sweet truths to soothe her pain
Each day the Lioness dropped one branch lower
Her claws retracted, the memories melting away.

The winds shifted, the Baobab did not sway
The mountaineer looked up, but he could not see her that day
His heart sank; he’d lost her, run away forever.
As he turned to leave, the Lioness appeared
Hidden behind the trunk of the Baobab tree.

Crouching down, the mountaineer extended his arm
The Lioness approached him, rubbed her face on this palm
They left the Baobab, the Lioness by his side
Smile beaming, his heart filled inside.
They traveled across the Savannah, ran across the plains
The painful memories never remembered again.

As the mountaineer sleeps, the Lioness does rest
Her head on his shoulder, paw across his chest
Restful slumber, no cause for distress
Happiness reigns supreme – complete devotion; no less.


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Posted by:submeg

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