You’re So Beautiful


You’re So Beautiful

You’re so beautiful, I saw you from across the shore
Sitting there, hair flowing down your back
Staring out at the waves, contemplating life
Enjoy the simple things, whilst taking time out.

You’re so beautiful that I was frozen to the core
My mind confused, eyes glazed over, thoughts off track
Looked down – no ring; surely you were someone’s wife
Take a few steps closer, discover what you’re about.

You’re so beautiful – it becomes clearer as I approach where you lay
You turn to face me, a shy smile escapes
I inquire if I could join you
You agreed, and I nestle down beside.

“You’re so beautiful” is all I want to say
I smile, you laugh – engaging conversation we do make
Sit there for hours til the sun goes down, wish it wasn’t through
We leave; we drive; we dance and then I invite you inside.

You’re so beautiful as I hold you in my arms
Brush the hair gently from your face, push it aside
Lean in slowly and kiss you; your fears dissolve and slide
Hold you softly, keep you close and protect you from harm.


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