The man drags his feet, staring at the ground
Brow furrowed, deep in thought – lost in his own world
Time – never enough
Self – they all want more
Environment – running his life
So lost, he bumps the shoulder of another troublesome soul…
…Her train of thought jolted from her abusive, cheating lover
A man who comes home late, if at all, drunk with a clenched fist
Smelling like another; her love clouded with lies
Controlled via an iron grip
She steps out from the kerb, a close call with a truck…
…Swerves and swears – what a stupid cow!
Can’t believe she’s so dumb! So blind!
Impatient drivers, cyclists, pedestrians
Taking their life into their own hands on the way to their demise.
Slam on their brakes as it happens again! What a…
…stupid fool, tailgating so close. Can’t he see me?
I’m right here, driving my BMW, rooftop down
No one sees me, hears me or even cares
I could be invisible, I could be dead
It would make no difference to anyone
Would I even be missed…
…Whoa can’t believe she cut off that truck
Must get away with it looking like that
Wonder if she saw me; I’m looking hot today
Tan in full force, guns on show
Must have seen me, I’m sure. Not this loser here…
…What is this guy’s problem, staring at me?
He’s probably alone, just like me, makes me wonder
What chance do I have
When I’m just an average guy, doing my own thing
Speaking my truths, saying how I feel, honesty above all else
Yet it makes no difference, same result. Then it hits me…
…as I watch the world drift by
People scurrying, controlled by their fears
Wanting what they don’t have, never have enough
Self conscious, scared, worried – controlled by doubt.

Take a step back – take time out
Learn about yourself, what life is really about.
Discover your passion: what, who and where do you love?
Once you find the answer, live it, breathe it, chase it
Step out of your world, take a chance
Surprise around the corner, seek it
You can never have enough.


writing, my writing, poetry

Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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