Finding Inspiration Requires A Plan

I mentioned yesterday how I was unsure how I was going to find the inspiration to get myself back on track with my goals. One thing I realised I do on a regular basis is to make lists. Almost everything I know is written down on scraps of paper that float around – on the desk, in the car, at work…they just seem to disappear, and then I forget what I was doing or what I had wanted to do later.

Even though I write all these thoughts and ideas down before they disappear from my mind, I have no way of ever getting around to them as I discovered yesterday. I realised that I was spending a lot of time in downtime mode; relaxing, but not really doing anything. I had to create some sort of list or schedule to give myself an outline of what I should be doing. After eliminating the time that I’m sleeping or working, it leaves me around 6.5 hours on a weekday. Now that I’ve worked out how much time I should be spending on what, hopefully I will begin to see more progress on my goals.



Posted by:submeg

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