How Am I Ever Going To Find The Inspiration?


How Am I Ever Going To Find The Inspiration?

I’ve come to the realisation that it’s going to take an extreme amount of effort to get my head into DJ/producer mode. I spend a large amount of time listening to tracks, finding new artists, new songs…it takes up so much time. Add to that work, and the other aspects of real life and the other things I work on, it means that my focus on music creation is very low. I have the motivation from the music that I have discovered and listen to, but I can’t seem to turn this into creation.

I think the main reason that I haven’t put much effort in is because I know to get to the point where I’m producing tracks will require a significant amount of time and patience to begin to learn the ropes, some thing I don’t have just yet. I know I will have to find the time somehow, but I don’t know how. Any ideas on how I can find/make free time?




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