The path you were on was clear
No troubles to be had, no obstacles in your way.
But the call of the jungle was too strong
Let go of my hand and ran away.

Deep into the jungle you did run
I stood my ground and waited for your return.
But with the setting of the evening sun
I felt my heart fill with grave concern.

On my heels I did an about turn
I had stood in place for too long.
Time for me to accept you’re gone
Before my skin begins to burn.

Imagining what you’ve seen
Wondering if it’s as good as it seemed.
Is the sky as blue?
Is the grass as green?
Air thick with humidity, the horizon a wavering deception
Breathing difficult; a foreign conception.

Deeper and deeper you did go
Trees growing closer
Canopy so thick, no longer see the sky
The right way to turn, no longer did you know.

Snakes slither across your path
Searching for their next victim
Coil around your calves
Wanting to pull you down with them.

Chameleons watch from up high
Eyes dart back and forth – follow as you move
Change their pattern to suit the mood
Their actions and movements – you’ll never understand why.

You hunger, you thirst
Feet so tired; eyes ready to burst.
The berries look sweet, juicy enough to eat.
But you must beware; eat them if you dare.

Exhausted, you lay your head down
As the fog rolls in and covers the ground.
As the vines meander down and dangle
I hope you don’t find yourself tangled.

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Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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