The Gentleman

The gentleman: a rarity; a dying breed.
A patient, caring man – solid and dependable
Always there in times of duress
To support and cater to every need.
An upstanding citizen, morals to uphold
Witness and victim of cases of injustice
His kind and positive nature won’t fold.

A considerate man, burning with passion
Driven by his desires, following callings that have meaning
Whilst keeping others in mind. Sharing his time and life
With all those around; conveying his compassion.
Respects every woman and man – all created the same
Everyone on a personal journey
None that stops them from saying his name.

That being said, he isn’t a fool; a pushover? Untrue.
Stands up for his beliefs without using fists
But instead with the brain that fills his head.
Unafraid to laugh at himself, for life is fun
Share the happiness. Let the love run.
All things in jest – no harm done.
Aware of himself, big headed he is not
Being honest and open are virtues that he’s got.

Commands an audience when entering a room
Not through attention seeking stunts
Executed obnoxiously.
Manners and language of the highest class
A firm handshake and his warmth extend exponentially.
Gives his full attention during any conversation
Responds quickly without hesitation
Without imposing his personal view.

The gentleman – dapper in his fitted suit
His hygiene proper; not a hair out of place.
Noticed by women; proclaiming – “he’s cute”.
Knows his worth, in control of his personal space
Energetic and enthusiastic – spinning yarns
Laughter echoes; reaches the climax without egg on his face.

The greatest measure of a gentleman
Is his treatment of the women in his life
Knowing their importance, displays the upmost respect.
Refrains from playing them against one another
His heart and desire run in parallel together.
Can’t question his words or actions
Acts as if each is his wife.
However, mistakes he will make
Apologetic and admitting fault
Rectifying them as best he can;
For everyone’s sake.

When meeting someone new
Positivity and respect shine through
Giving his attention and looking in her eyes
Without giving her the once over
Or thinking solely of what lies between her thighs.
Ask questions, comes to know who she is
Interested in the woman behind the beautiful face
Slow, controlled, measured and understanding
That’s the pace that will win this important race.

When he is ready and finds the right one
Eternal outpouring of love and emotion will have begun.
Always puts her first, no matter the case;
A solid, dependable rock to come home to
Love and support stands unwavering in place.
Loyal to just one; protective without smothering
They understand one another; they communicate
So they will never become undone.

However their language isn’t just through the words they speak
A purer form of communication when their bodies meet.
No fears, no worries when they are face to face
No words required, engulfed in burning passion
Their desires require no explanation.
Lay intertwined for hours til they sleep
Where in their dreams they will once again meet.

This my friends are some aspects of a gentleman
A man worthy of your time.
Keep him close to you; right by your side.
For he may not admit it openly
However, he is grateful for you all
Happiness abundant on the inside
Gives him the strength to stand tall.


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Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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