Sitting at home, pondering the choice
To suit or not to suit, asked my inner voice.
I choose the sophisticated option, slipped on the slacks
Gathered my keys, phone and wallet; didn’t look back.

Meandered through the crowds, the city alive
Live music and laughter filled me with happiness inside.
Climbed up the stairs, one by one
Unknown of what was about to become.

Laughed and interacted with all those around
Each and every one an amazing life they had found.
However there was one, whom I didn’t know
Didn’t know her story, however her smile did glow.

The night moved on, people passing through
Less and less around, til I was standing next to you.
I said hello, you said hi
We started talking and I didn’t question why.

The night grew old, the crowd it did fade
Until it was you and I; so much more to say.
We walked and found another place
For I could sense something; I could read it in your face.

The smiles and laughter began to mount
The amount of wine, I’d lost count
But still there was more to discuss
Left the rest until it was just us.

I open my mind, poured out my soul
My sad, pitiful story waiting to be told.
I saw the tears well in your eyes
It was then I had to know why.

You took a deep breath and unfurled your truth
Told me your past, your history; the story of your youth.
The man who you loved, wasn’t as it seemed
Perhaps your love and your worth you have to redeem.

The conversation continued and it became clear
That perhaps this was something, a connection was here.
But for it does not matter, for she has a love
I would never interfere, emotions I would not tug.

The night grew old and yawns a few
Take you home, come with me – I had to ask you.
You wanted to hear me sing, to my place we’d drive
A smile broke out, and I didn’t question why.

Walked through the streets, my arm around
Jokes and laughter kept us floating above the ground.
It all felt surreal; like I had known you longer
As if this was something true, something proper.

Made it to the car after a fair hike
Time for me to sing unassisted, there is no mic.
I turned on the car and chose the song
Started to sing and even better – you sang along.

Made it to mine, in time to rest
This crazy decision – one of the best.
An amazing night, colourful memories collected
The best part of all – completely unexpected.


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Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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