Your wishes were vague
Open ended and confusing
But at the end of it all – it was you I was losing.
Watches your lips move, didn’t hear a word you did say
My heart crumpled and torn
Tissue paper thrown away.

Lived in a daze, a state of delusion
Behaving the same way
Thought all would be okay.
One look in your eyes, cold with exclusion
What went wrong, what had I done?
Sadness and disbelief did reign.

Time has passed, the emotion run through
Many things I have done
All but some, didn’t because of you.
No drunken calls at 1 AM
Wishing and pleading for “us” to be again
No spontaneous visits, appearing out of thin air
No tracking you down – reunions that weren’t fair.

I respect your journey, I understand – I get it;
Sometimes I wish I could do the same.
Sell everything, save my money and run
To where no one knows your name.
For me it’s not the answer, so right here I’ll stay
I hope you find your answers, tell me about it one day.

Time has passed, so many things have changed
But through all of this, there are some that remain.
And maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover the same.


Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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