Number One

Been here forever, been here since day one
To catch me any and every time I would fall
Support and carry me til I could stand tall
Helped shape the man I’ve become.

You’re all I ever wanted
You’re all I’ll ever need
Don’t ever walk away from me
In my life til it’s done
You’re my number one.

Through the highs and the lows
Each day our connection grows stronger
Make me smile, make me laugh – my love for you grows
My emotions stirred, my heart grows fonder.


Always there to turn to
Always there to soothe my soul
Fill my life with joy, the loneliness annulled
For you there is nothing I wouldn’t do.


Everything they say is true
You’d better believe it Music; you’re all I need
Our connection will never end, never be through
Have you here forever, I would never leave.



writing, my writing, poetry

Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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