My Own Man

Made the decision, the hard call
To be here, by myself; do it on my own.
The phone doesn’t beep, doesn’t ring at all
Got to be my own man, got to do this alone.

No one here this evening, no one here at night
No one here in the morning, her smile oh so bright.
No one here during the winter, to hold and snuggle tight
No one here in the summer, but I know it’ll be alright.

I need to find the answers, to discover the truth
To uncover the feelings, the meaning of self.
Do it all here now, do it in my youth
Before it catches up with me, when I cannot be helped.

There’s one thing I know dear, one thing that holds true
That deep gut feeling, those thoughts of you.
Even though it’s said and done, the past is through
Someday, somehow, it will turn around and start anew.


writing, my writing, poetry

Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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