I reached for my lover,
I reached for my friend.
In the depths of darkness,
I’ll do it again.

No longer here now, no longer the same,
Stop and I’ll wait here, for everyday.
Come on right back now, talk to my face,
A new life, a new love, it can be replaced.

I know you’re different, I know that you’ve changed,
Just like I have, we are one and the same.
No denying the bond, the connection it’s true,
The twists and the turns, led me straight back to you.

A heart full of hope, a mind full of dreams,
Right now it’s different; not as it seems.
I hope it changes, comes right around,
The hopes and the dreams become the here and the now.

I keep this all quiet, you won’t hear a word,
What happens, will happen; it has to occur.
But know this, for it’s true –
Through all of these changes,
I still love you.

writing, my writing