Excel Worksheet Tips: PDF Table to Excel – UPDATE

On occasion I need to pull in a table of data from a PDF file into an excel spreadsheet to manipulate the data or to add to it. However, highlighting the table in the PDF, copying and then trying to import into excel doesn’t work. It usually will fill column A all the way down with the data. You can try and use fixed width, but that would only work in certain circumstances and delimited definitely doesn’t work.

Having a look online, there is a site that provides the ability to copy the data contained within the table in the PDF and convert it to an excel spreadsheet. I did a quick test of this, creating a table in word (knowing how BADLY word seems to be with creating the coding for tables, I thought that this would be the perfect test) and then saving it as a PDF. I then uploaded the file to the linked site, and it asks for you email address. It then converts the PDF table to an excel file and sends it to the email you entered.

I created a document with two tables to check how it would handle it. The results were mixed.

1. It was able to separate all the cells of data without overlap
2. It recognised the second table on the page


1. It could not recognise any of the formatting
2. It could not separate the tables by more than one row

The cons of this service are minor, as the major issue at hand is the ability to pull the data from the PDF and still ensure it returns in the correct number of rows and columns. This was preserved well and I was impressed at how quickly the service ran. However, I am unsure of any limits to file size, as I’m sure that uploading a significantly large PDF would use up the amount of data transfer allowed quite quickly. However, for small files, this would be quite useful!



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