WIP: Things to do Before Starting Your Novel

I found a site that listed 25 steps to take before beginning your journey (warning: this link contains foul language). One of the recommended steps is “Test Drive Those Characters”. The step is outlined as:

” I will advocate this until the day I die. (Or the day someone clocks me with a shovel and turns me into the mental equivalent of a wagon full of cabbage.) Grab your main character, and take him for a test drive. …Write something, anything, featuring that character. Flash fiction. Short story. Random chapter from the book. Blog post. Don’t worry: you don’t have to show it to anybody. Look at it this way: it’s like taking a new car for a spin. First you sit down, everything feels uncomfortable — “How do I turn on the wipers? Where’s the A/C knob? Is there a place for my pet wombat, Roger?” But then after you take it down a few roads, you start to feel like you ‘get’ the car. It starts to feel like a part of you. And Roger likes it, too! “

This is where I am up to now. I will be doing some blog posts featuring my characters as the POV. I won’t be writing the final story in 1st person, but for these posts, I will stick to 1st person to give a sense of intimacy with the character; allowing me to get inside the mind of the character that I am creating. Stay tuned.


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