WIP: Eight Update


WIP: Eight Update

Another week, more writing! Not sprinting, as I had to work on fixing my Mac. After I organised all my stuff for my writing, I felt I had to fix up my music setup as well. Formatting, reinstalling programs and updating has taken all weekend, but I now have a Mac that is running smooth and completely up to date. I’ve also ensured that all my music is ready to go for DJing, so there’s nothing left to do but practise, learn and start making my own mixes!

However, I have been working on some writing. Something that I finally accepted (through the convincing of Laney and Ellie) that I will have to rewrite my entire story (almost). I was under the impression that if I wrote it “properly” the first time, then I wouldn’t have to rewrite anything! Ah ha, the joke was on me.

While I was writing, I had in my head that I had to get it perfect the first time. This made it difficult, as I was trying to fit all the right words into the right spots. It was if I have a pile of jigsaw pieces laying in a chest by my feet and I have to fumble around finding the one that would fit.


I have resigned to the fact that I will have to rewrite the majority of what I will write and it feels like a weight has been lifted and my ability to develop the story is back on track. I have found that in each paragraph, I am able to pinpoint exactly what I am trying to do – advance plot, develop characters, explore the environment and so on. When I used to write as a kid, I had trouble finding the balance between too much and not enough “fill”. No, I’m not saying that I’m writing junk to fill the story, I’m talking about giving the reader enough to allow them to follow and become engrossed in the story, but not overpowering and boring them with the overuse of adjectives and suffocating them with extensive imagery. I think in my younger years I was all about “more is better” but as time goes on, I’ve shifted to the other end of the spectrum. I find that I’m worried about giving too much and driving the reader insane. I don’t want the reader to think, here we go again.

What I am thinking of doing is doing a mini “plan” for each section/paragraph/scene. Nothing overly detailed, just providing a direction of what I am trying to achieve in the section I am writing. I already have ideas for the different sections of the story – introduction, beginning, conflict, resolution, conclusion –but I want to make sure that each part of the story is adding to its advancement.

What do think of doing this – providing an outline for each chapter/paragraph to ensure it adds to the story?


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