Mac Tips – Renaming User Accounts

About a year or more a go, I had an issue in my iTunes where all the latest played dates of the songs in my library were all the same. The only way to fix the issue was to shift all my information onto a new user account. However, once I did that, the old user account was still on my Mac. This meant I couldn’t call the new account the same name as the old one, and once I deleted the account, I wanted to change the name. Seems like an easy thing to do? Not at all! Here is how you do it.

Renaming User Accounts or Home Directory Name on the Mac

See the article here from Apple –

One of the steps requires you to enable and use the “root” user on the Mac. Here’s how you do that as well.

Enabling and Using the “Root” User in Mac OS X

See the article here from Apple –

From doing this, I now have one user again, with the correct user name. What is interesting about this whole process is that even if you have a user account that has administrator privileges, you actually DON’T have full administrator privileges at all! Only the Root User does. Finally I know how to get in and fix issues within my Mac!



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