iTunes help – Playlists: The Best of the Best


iTunes help – Playlists: The Best of the Best

If you have quite a bit of music, and you have rated all your songs (yes, this seems daunting, but there is a quicker way!) you will find yourself with a group of songs that have four and five stars. Now, currently in that list, I have 11,578  out of 29,204 songs in that list! You may think that is a lot, but take a second to consider that – that’s not even 40% of my music. I only listen to around 40% of my entire library! Weird, why have all that music if you listen to less than half? I guess you could say that, but I have really streamlined my songs to only listen to songs I enjoy on a regular basis.

However, lately I have found myself skipping songs. Why? I find that sometimes, even though I have rated a particular song 4 or 5 out of 5, I just don’t want to listen to it that day. So I took my playlist (see step two) and tweaked it. I went a step further and created a playlist that has ONLY songs that are rated 5 out of 5. This created a playlist with only 1,856 songs. That was more manageable I thought. Over the last few weeks however, I have found myself skipping songs again! I was a bit annoyed, as these were supposed to be the best of the best!

I had a think and considered if maybe all the songs that I had at 5 out of 5 were really worth it. I mean, if I’m skipping them, surely they can’t be? I decided against revising my ratings, as this would’ve taken ages. I had another think and looked at my play counts and realised that some songs had more skips than plays! So the solution became obvious – remove songs that had more skips than plays.

I then tried to do this in my ! – TOP SHELF playlist. I added an extra condition and selected:

Unfortunately, you cannot set the number of skips greater than the number of plays; it has to be a set number! I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do this; until I remembered the way I created my scientifically random playlist (will have to post about this one) and it sparked a thought – because I have to specify the number of plays and skips, I could do this for each number. See what I mean:

This collates all songs which have a 5 out of 5 rating, where their play count is one and the skip count is greater. This only works for songs that have one play however! I then replicated the above playlist for songs with 2 plays, 3 plays….you get the picture. I decided that once I got to 24, it was enough. Once a songs obtains 25 plays, I think it has paid its dues and can be free from scrutiny. So after creating twenty four new smart playlists, my ! – TOP SHELF playlist has become:

Now my TOP SHELF playlist has been cut down to 1763 songs and if I ever skip the song more than I play it, it is cut from my TOP SHELF and put back into my playlist only. Quite useful!

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