WIP: Sixth Update

Finally, time for an update! I’ve been doing some reading, which I usually find extremely relaxing. However, now that I have entered the writing phase, I have started analysing the writing rather than just reading the story. This is both good and bad; I’m noticing the way the story is structured, which will help me when I get to writing. However, it was distracting me from the story itself.

Now that I’ve finished another novel, I have placed my writing hat on and am working on my story. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was having trouble creating names for my characters. I had to flesh them out before I started writing – somehow I don’t think that MAIN MALE 1 would be suitable for the main character of the story. I started looking for some inspiration, trying to create names from browsing through potrait images. Unfortunately it didn’t help.

The next step was to look for a name generator. This turned out to be a good idea, as I was able to fill in all the names that I was missing in ten minutes! It did take a few iterations before I settled on the names, but it was a lot quicker than trying to come up with them myself.

I then moved onto outlining the first chapter. I have been able to create the whole first chapter on a single A5 page. I was even able to outline the second chapter! This was due to having planned out what will happen to all the characters before writing a single word. This may be problematic as it could lock me into certain plot lines that may not work as the story progresses. However, I think that it will help shape the story and will provide structure for the characters. What do you think of creating a plan for your story? Do y ou do it, or do you let the story flow?

Now it’s time to actually write out the first chapter. Hmmm…that first sentence is still giving me grief!


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