WIP: Fourth Update


WIP: Fourth Update

In my last update I mentioned the things I was going to do this week were read, start creating character back stories and begin writing some small pieces. I have started working on the first two – getting through more of the book that I’m currently reading – Patricia Cornwell’s PREDATOR – and I have started writing up the back stories.

Before starting back stories, I had to think of a way to go backwards into the characters’ pasts. I decided on describing what and who was in the life of the character just before the start of the story. After describing the status of the character and the activities and people in their life, I then would wind back the clock, using the words BEFORE THAT…and then starting the process again, going further and further into the characters’ pasts until all the aspects that make them who they are become uncovered.

Ok, back to writing! Hopefully by this time next week, I will have completed all the back stories. That is my challenge.


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