WIP: Third Update


WIP: Third Update

Last week I was able to create all the different plots that will intertwine to form the story. This week was spent on a different variety of activities.

The majority of my writing time was spent looking for information about how to avoid amateur mistakes. Some of the articles I have read:

One thing I’m trying to work out is naming the characters. When initially outlining a character, using an acronym for each is useful as it frees the creative mind to create details about them instead of getting stuck on trying to name the character. The name should come out once the biography of the character has been filled out. However, when trying to place names, I’ve realised that perhaps I do need a biography for each of the characters.

I have tightened some of the points in the plot and once I’ve typed them up, I’m sure all the lines will become more solid. Next steps:

  • Create biographies for the characters
  • Continue reading
  • Start creating small pieces of writing


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