A Quote I Should Live By


A Quote I Should Live By

I was reading up on Laney’s blog, and came across this quote:

“The long-lived books of tomorrow are concealed somewhere amongst the so-far unpublished mass of today.”

– Philip Unwin

When I sit and think about this quote, I feel inspired. It could be me. But then reality crashes down on me like a ton of bricks a drunken person at the bar. Just doing the maths on it – if you consider how many people there are in the world and how many of them are trying to break onto the writing scene, it’s almost laughable to think that some unknown brother making eclectic goals – me – could be plucked from the throng of potential writers. It almost seems like I am one of the aliens within the claw….

Hopefully I will be the lucky alien saying that I have been chosen and that I am going to a better place.


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