Characters: 5 of 12 created

A very productive weekend this week…after beginning the outline of the plot and characters in a small workbook, with torn out pages and scribbles everywhere, the pages began falling out. To avoid losing all the work I had done, I decided to move the ideas to another workbook.

In doing this, I had to rewrite some of the character outlines I had created. From there, I filled out the missing information from my character mind map. I got on a role and have been able to fill out five characters; and about to finish my sixth. Apart from three other characters, the rest are minor and therefore will not need as big of a background as the others.

What’s next?

Lately I’ve been watching the television series Lost. The plot at times can be a bit crazy, but at least they have given back story into each of the characters. This helps to feel connected to the characters; whether it be in a positive or negative way. This is what makes the show (so far) extremely interesting – understanding the characters makes you feel connected. Without the explanation of their lives before the island, they would feel extremely one-dimensional.

Once I have created the outline for the characters, I will convert this into a blurb and then I will write a back story for each. This way the characters feel real, not a random concoction of ideas. Then it will be time to refine them and move onto the plot.



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