Excel Worksheet Tips: Adding ticks and crosses


Excel Worksheet Tips: Adding ticks and crosses

Have you created a list and you want to tick off an item?

1. Select the cell you wish to add the tick to.
2. Change the font to “webdings”
3. To enter a tick – enter the letter a. To enter a cross – enter the letter r.
4. To change the colour of the tick to green or the cross red automatically, you will need to do some conditional formatting. Select “create new rule”.
5. Choose the option “Format only cells that contain”.
6. In the “Edit the Rule Description” box, in the first drop down box, select “specific text”, in the second drop down box, select “containing”.
7. In the final box, enter the letter a. Then click the format button.
8. Ensure you have the font tab selected and choose the colour to be green, so that when a tick is entered, it goes green.
9. For a cross – Repeat step 6 and modify step 7, and enter the letter r. Change the colour to red.

That’s how to enter a tick and cross into excel.

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