Sleep soundtrack

I mentioned a couple of days ago how to organise your iPod to allow you to fall asleep listening to music, so I realised I had to create a playlist with the songs that I would fall asleep/relax to. I have gone through my collection using Genius to find the songs that would be easy to relax/sleep to. Here is the list:

Adrift On Deep Water – Blu Mar Ten
Alive Alone – Chemical Brothers
American Dream – Jakatta
Angel Waterfall – Calmsound
Another Woman – Moby
Aztec Girl – John Beltran
Beachball – Nalin & Kane
Blood On The Motorway – DJ Shadow
Brown Paper Bag – Roni Size
Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt – DJ Shadow
Casino Royale – DJ Zinc
Chicago – Groove Armada
Cosmic Interlude – LTJ Bukem
Crickets – Nature Sounds
Down Slow – Moby
Drifted – Groove Armada
Dusk, You & Me – Groove Armada
Edge Hill – Groove Armada
Fireworks – Moby
Fixed Income – DJ Shadow
Flip The Mix (Regrind ’09) – Rae & Chrisitan
Get A Life (Instrumental) – Rae & Christian
Guitar Flute And String – Moby
Hairy Trees – Goldfrapp
Healing – Groove Armada
Heroes – Roni Size
If Things Were Perfect – Moby
In My Bones – Groove Armada
In This World – Moby
Inside – Moby
Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) – Groove Armada
It Ain’t Nothing Like (Instrumental) – Rae & Christian
It’s Complete (Château Flight Dark Side Remix) – At Jazz
It’s Complete (Phil Parnell’s Pushin’ Your Love Remix) – At Jazz
J-Walkin’ – Blame
Join Hands – Groove Armada
Lazy Moon – Groove Armada
Let It Go (Instrumental) – Rae & Christian
Let’s Get It On – Roni Size
Lightsonic – Groove Armada
Long Way From Home – Fatboy Slim
Matter Of Fact – Roni Size
Mindgames – DJ Crystl
My Weakness – Moby
One Too Many Morning – Chemical Brothers
Paris – Groove Armada
A Private Interlude – Groove Armada
Rain – Nature Sounds
Relaxing Ocean Rain – Nature Sounds
Samba With JC – LTJ Bukem
Serve Chilled – Groove Armada
Silver Dawn – Artemis
Sleep Alone – Moby
Soft Mountain Stream For Stress Relief – Sounds Of Nature
Sunrain – LTJ Bukem
Suntoucher – Groove Armada
Thunderstorm and Rain – Nature Sounds
Tokyo Dawn – LTJ Bukem
Tuning In (Dub Mix) – Groove Armada
Tuning In (Rewritten) – Groove Armada
Voyager – Daft Punk

What other songs should I add to this list?


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