Falling asleep to music

This is something I haven’t needed to ever do, as I can usually fall asleep within ten to fifteen minutes of turning off the lights and laying down. However, there are times when my brain is still processing, and it would be nice to use music to turn my brain off. To do this you will need:

– Some relaxing music, this varies from person to person
– Speakers

Now, the main reason why I have never really done this, is due to the fact you can’t use speakers, as they could wake other people, headphones are too uncomfortable and you end up strangling yourself during the night and earphones can end up being uncomfortable and can cause hearing damage and/or an ear infection. The perfect solution would be to find a speaker that goes in or under your pillow.

I’ve done a bit of a search, and it seems that the pillow sonic speaker by pillowphonic is the best. Now, there have been comments that there have been issues with durability, but I’ve also read that they have upgraded the design to combat this. Some further reasearch would confirm this.

The other issue that is of concern is turning the music off once you are asleep. You don’t want the music running all night, as your device will be near flat in the morning. If you own an iPod, there is a great auto-turnoff feature that you can use. To learn how to use this feature, visit this article.

Next, what songs do you use to fall asleep? I find that the best thing to fall asleep to is the sound of water – rain, thunderstorm and light waves at the beach are the best. I’ve found a couple of tracks which are perfect.

From this album, I have tracks 1, 5 and 14. Each offer a different sound which are all just as soothing. From this album, I have track 3 – it gives a strong sound of rain, as if you are standing right underneath the waterfall.

What other sounds do you find relaxing? Let me know what you use to fall asleep.

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