ARIA Number 1s: 1940 – 2012

I was wondering, what was the number one song in the country when I was born? I then thought, why not have a playlist of all the number ones from 1940 onwards? So I created the list using the ARIA charts and Kent Music Report.

Note 16/08/2020: I am in the process of rebuilding this list, so please bear with me.

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Date Artist Song Weeks at
Number 1
1/01/1940Joe Loss; Carson RobisonSouth of the Border
(Down Mexico Way)
1/04/1940The Andrews Sisters; Joe LossBeer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel)4
1/05/1940Joe Loss; Glenn MillerBlue Orchids12
1/08/1940Joe LossTill the Lights of London Shine Again12
1/11/1940Kate Smith; Glenn MillerThe Woodpecker Song20
1/4/1941The Tic-Toc Rhythm Orchestra; Sick RobertsonFerryboat Serenade4
1/5/1941Vera Lynn; West End PlayersNightingale Sang in Berkeley Square16
1/9/1941Shep Fields; West End PlayersDown Argentina Way4
1/10/1941Judy Garland; The JestersIt’s a Great Day for the Irish 4
1/11/1941George FormbyBless ’em All (The Service Song)4
1/12/1941Judy Garland; The JestersIt’s a Great Day for the Irish4
1/1/1942Glenn Miller & Joe LossIn The Mood20
1/6/1942The Andrews Sisters; Sammy KayeDaddy4
1/7/1942Vera Lynn; Jean Cerchi(There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover12
1/10/1942Horace Heidt; Ink SpotsI Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire8
1/12/1942Gene Autry; Horace HeidtDeep in the Heart of Texas8
1/2/1943Harry JamesI Don’t Want to Walk Without You16
1/6/1943Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas20
1/11/1943Dinah ShoreWhy Don’t You Fall in Love With Me4
1/12/1943Vera Lynn; Harry JamesI Had the Craziest Dream4
1/1/1944Ink SpotsEv’ry Night About This Time4
1/2/1944Vera Lynn & Joe LossYou’ll Never Know12
1/5/1944Frank Sinatra; George TrevareSunday, Monday or Always8
1/7/1944Ink SpotsWhispering Grass (Don’t Tell the Trees)4
1/8/1944Dinah Shore; Glenn MillerHappy In Love4
1/9/1944Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersVict’ry Polka4
1/10/1944Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersPistol Packin’ Mama4
1/11/1944Joe Loss; Vera LynnNo Other Love4
1/12/1944Ink Spots; Frank SinatraA Lovely Way to Spend An Evening4
1/1/1945Geraldo; Lale AndersenLili Marlene4
1/2/1945Bing CrosbyAmor, Amor8
1/4/1945Bing Crosby & Joe LossSwinging on a Star4
1/5/1945Bing Crosby; Dinah ShoreLong Ago (and Far Away)4
1/6/1945Bing Crosby; Dinah ShoreIt Could Happen to You8
1/8/1945Bing Crosby; Joe LossI’ll Be Seeing You4
1/9/1945Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersDon’t Fence Me In12
1/12/1945Bing Crosby(Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral) That’s an Irish Lullaby4
1/1/1946The Organ, The Dance Band and Me; Les BrownMy Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time4
1/2/1946The Andrews SistersRum and Coca-Cola8
1/4/1946Ink Spots & Ella FitzgeraldInto Each Life Some Rain Must Fall4
1/5/1946Bing Crosby; Frank SinatraA Friend of Yours8
1/7/1946Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots; Duke EllingtonI’m Beginning to See the Light4
1/8/1946Bing Crosby; Judy GarlandOn the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe8
1/10/1946Bing Crosby; Freddy MartinSymphony8
1/12/1946Bing Crosby; Kate SmithSioux City Sue4
1/1/1947Sammy Kaye; The Merry MacsLaughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside)4
1/2/1947Ink Spots; Perry ComoPrisoner of Love8
1/4/1947Ink Spots; Freddy MartinTo Each His Own4
1/5/1947Frank Sinatra; Tex BenekeFive Minutes More4
1/6/1947Bing Crosby; Dinah ShoreYou Keep Coming Back Like a Song4
1/7/1947Bing Crosby; Perry ComoThey Say It’s Wonderful8
1/9/1947Al Jolson; Bing CrosbyThe Anniversary Song4
1/10/1947Frank Sinatra; Dick HaymesMam’selle4
1/11/1947Bing Crosby; Dick Haymes & The Andrews Sisters(There’s No Business Like) Show Business4
1/12/1947Al Jolson; Bing CrosbyThe Anniversary Song16
1/4/1948Bing Crosby; Dick Haymes & The Andrews SistersNear You4
1/5/1948Perry Como; Joe LossChi-Baba, Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go to Sleep)4
1/6/1948Bing Crosby; Dick Haymes & The Andrews SistersNear You12
1/9/1948Sammy Kaye; GeraldoSerenade of the Bells4
1/10/1948Bing Crosby; Gracie FieldsNow Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song)4
1/11/1948George Trevare; Art MooneyI’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover4
1/12/1948Al Jolson; Perry ComoWhen You Were Sweet Sixteen4
1-7/1/1949Dick Haymes & The Andrews SistersTeresa1
8/1-9/4/1949Dinah Shore; Gene AutryButtons and Bows13
9/4-14/5/1949Perry Como; Tony PastorRambling Rose5
14-28/5/1949Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters; Ray McKinleyPut ’em in a Box, Tie ’em with a Ribbon2
28/5-9/7/1949Kay Kyser(I’d Like to Get You on a) Slow Boat to China6
9/7-6/8/1949Patty Andrews & Bob CrosbyThe Pussy Cat Song (Nyow! Nyot Nyow!)4
6-20/8/1949Ink Spots; Joe LossSay Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart2
20/8-24/9/1949Bing Crosby; Joe LossFar Away Places5
24/9-8/10/1949Evelyn Knight (singer); Sammy KayePowder Your Face with Sunshine2
8/10-5/11/1949Buddy Clark; Larry GreenIt’s a Big, Wide, Wonderful World4
5/11-10/12/1949Vaughn Monroe; Bing CrosbyRiders in the Sky5
10-24/12/1949Evelyn Knight (singer); Joe LossA Little Bird Told Me2
24/12/49-4/2/1950Burl Ives; Dinah ShoreLavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)6
4/2-4/3/1950Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters; Tony Pastor“A” You’re Adorable4
4/3-25/3/1950Perry Como; Russ MorganForever And Ever3
25/3 – 15/4/1950Bing Crosby; Sammy KayeThe Four Winds and the Seven Seas3
15/4 – 6/5/1950Freddy Martin; Sammy KayeI’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts3
6/5 – 27/5/1950Buddy Clark; Vic DamoneYou’re Breaking My Heart3
27/5 – 10/6/1950Guy Lombardo; Art MooneyHop Scotch Polka2
10/6 – 24/6/1950Donald PeersI Told Them All About You2
24/6 – 12/8/1950Donald Peers; Freddy Martin; Teresa BrewerMusic! Music! Music!7
12/8 – 9/9/1950Gordon Jenkins; Joe LossMy Foolish Heart4
9/9 – 4/11/1950Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersQuicksilver8
4 – 11/11/1950Sammy KayeHollywood Square Dance1
11/11 – 16/12/1950Dennis Day; Nat “King” ColeMona Lisa5
16/12/1950 -27/1/1951Gordon Jenkins & The WeaversGoodnight Irene6
27/1 – 3/3/1951Gordon Jenkins; Doris DayBewitched5
3 – 24/3/1951Phil Harris; Les WelchThe Thing3
24/3 – 7/4/1951Art MooneySilver Dollar2
7 – 14/4/1951Bing Crosby; Patti PageAll My Love3
14/4 – 5/5/1951Paul Weston & Norman Luboff ChoirNevertheless (I’m in Love with You)3
5 – 19/5/1951Pee Wee King; Gene KrupaBonaparte’s Retreat2
19/5 – 9/6/1951Pee Wee King; Patti PageTennessee Waltz3
9 – 16/6/1951Danny Kaye & Patty Andrews; Nat “King” ColeOrange Coloured Sky1
16/6 – 14/7/1951Debbie Reynolds & Carleton CarpenterAba Daba Honeymoon4
14/7 – 4/8/1951Perry Como; Jo StaffordIf (They Made Me a King)3
4/8 – 1/9/1951Guy MitchellMy Heart Cries For You4
1 – 8/9/1951Donald Peers & Jim GusseyMockin’ Bird Hill1
8/9 – 10/11/1951Nat “King” Cole; Toni ArdenToo Young9
10 – 24/11/1951Mario Lanza; Ann BlythThe Loveliest Night of the Year2
24/11 – 22/12/1951Guy Mitchell; Donald PeersMy Truly, Truly Fair4
22/12/1951 – 19/1/1952Dinah Shore; Jane TurzySweet Violets

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So there you have it! What was the number one song when you were born?

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nb: In the 1940s, data was only collected every month, hence the long stays of songs at number one. All data referenced from Wikipedia pages.


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  1. congrats great effort, some different, as expected, from 2ue top 40. eg Joey’s song 12/1959.



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