Writing: Stage 0.1

Writing: Stage 0.1 I’ve had my writing on hold for quite a long time. Now that I’ve been working on this blog (1st birthday just over a week ago) I have been writing semi-consistently for the past year, with the last couple of months becoming even more steady. I am ALMOST ready to start looking…

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Self-motivation: How to achieve your goals

Self-motivation: How to achieve your goals Many people out there have goals, objectives and dreams that they wish to achieve. The problem is, you need some self-motivation to reach them. You need an idea, a path to get there and a source of motivation to fuel your actions. So how to tackle this? Well, I’ve…

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Powerpoint help: Two instances of powerpoint

Powerpoint help: Two instances of powerpoint I discovered this problem today. With most of microsoft products, you can open more than one instance at the same time. However, in powerpoint, you cannot do this! Why? Who knows why Microsoft decided to not let you do this. But there are two ways to work around. Work-a-round…

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