I just went and looked through all my posts about my novel, and I realised that I began working on this idea back in 2011, almost ten years ago! I definitely have had my focus pulled into many other directions over the years; I created an Instagram account and began writing a lot of poetry, which eventuated in a self-published anthology of poetry. I began studying music (vocals and piano) and am currently working on two different sets of songs, with the aim to perform or at least record them. However, my desire to work on this story has never left.

I’ve revisited the notes that I had, have made adjustments to plot lines and characters, outlined the themes that I wanted to tackle and everything in between. After this process, I realised that there was a lot missing the first time I set out to write, and it would have become apparent the further along the story I went. With the additional work, I feel that my characters are more realistic, the plot lines are sufficiently solid and I can actually find my way from beginning to end.

Once I had worked through many of the holes, I began to put pen to page. That’s right, I physically began to write, not through the keyboard, but with pen and paper. I’ve noticed that it is much easier to have the words flow when my mind has a moment to get ahead of where I am writing, so that I can visualise and imagine the scene in front of me; whenever I use a PC to write, I find that my hands catch up too quickly, and I’m left wondering. I can feel my characters standing around, looking up and me and saying: “okay, what now?”

To the update! Some stats: Words: 30,314
Chapters: 12
Characters introduced: 6

The story has just begun to touch on some of the underlying details, without giving away too much. Time to get back to it, my average is sitting around fifty words a day, so I really need to pick up the pace!

Posted by:submeg

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