I Don’t Have To; I Want To

Dawn breaks, sun shining through the shades
Roll over and grab my phone and say hello; always the first.
Greet you every morning; wake you without any warning.
I don’t care if you’re sleepy or feeling your worst
A smile graces your face as your brown hair sways.
Providing you with a place to escape – step out of the race
Leave the daily grind behind and embrace happiness
Open your heart, mind and soul til you feel blessed.

All these things I’ll do forever
No one can stop me – no never
Do them day and night for you
I know I don’t have to; I want to.

I know you’re shy; I know the reasons why
Never my place to question or not to believe
Never push you to reveal yourself; you’ll do so without help
Learn who you are inside and out from the information I receive.
I want to help, even though you don’t need; strong enough to succeed.
An amazing woman I need – I can easily concede
Standing here patiently is right where I’ll be
Support and care; my love you’ll always be able to see.


Talk from dawn til dusk, smile stuck on your face
Lift you up and give you strength is my task
Talk until you fall sound asleep; and in our dreams we will meet.
My worries, my concerns – they come last
Do what I can, anything extra is a plus.
Remove the haze, the pain til you no longer feel lost
Become connected completely; playing only on your team
Invade your thoughts and dreams – this is as perfect as it seems.


I don’t have to; I want to
I don’t have to; I love to
I don’t have to…I need to.


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Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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