How Can I?

The deck of life shuffled, the cards dealt face down
Puzzled, I arrange them as best I can.
Hands fly, chips swirl; not going as I had planned
Sit back, take a breath – this will all turn around.

How can I trust it will all work out and let it be
When the signs point to disappointment and misery
How can I sit back and drift effortlessly
Let the world and life drift by without me.

The man to my left in his pinstriped suit
A cocky smile, false bravado; honesty on mute
Declares – “I’m all in” and pushes forward his loot
Another’s hand of two pair renders his bluff moot.

How can I give myself when all has been taken
When I poured out my heart and its worth was mistaken
How can I push forth in silence; no explanation
Let it fade into nothing with no information.

The woman sits poised so elegantly
Her beauty radiates so effortlessly
Plays each hand so quietly
Her mystery encapsulates me so readily.

How can I fall for someone whose insides I cannot see
Their beating heart, their armoured mind a mystery
How can I explore them without being denied viciously
The possibility damaged irreparably.

Final hand – left to the woman and me
Her bids enticing, the fear removed; I bid free
Cards turned face up, my mind frozen in horror as I see
The woman walks away, with everything – except for me.

How can I love again when my heart is broken
Placed my belief in someone and was mistaken
Kept on giving until all was taken
Time to renew with new information.


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Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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