Hands clammy, Heart pounding and breathing light
The ladder so narrow, the tightrope so high
Snakes straight upwards til it touches the sky
Climb taking forever, into the still of the night.

Reached the top, almost frozen with fear
Fallen twice before, when no one else could see
This time, no safety net, could easily be the end of me.
I knew I had to step out, couldn’t just stand here.

Place my foot carefully, gain my balance and breathe
Let go of the railing and felt my stomach squeeze.
Every walk is different, I do what feels right – move with ease
Know that this time, I’ll make it, I believe.

Take it slowly, feel for the sway
Don’t know the rope’s strength or sag
What could push it either way
It feels right, it feels easy; won’t leave in a body bag.

I take a quick break, look forward and see
A shadowed figure standing there
With bright blue eyes, smiling back at me.

Take a breath, I push on
Inching forward, step by step

No need to rush through, I know I’ll get there.

As I place my foot on the platform, not one misstep
Everything left behind me, everything long gone.


my writing, writing, poetry

Posted by:submeg

Musician, Writer and Inspirer. I discuss the projects I am working on, the services I provide and my general thoughts.

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