How to Get Started?


How to Get Started?

I’m about to start writing my first draft of the book I’ve been thinking about for a while. There are some things that I already know:

1. It’s not going to be my best work. It’s going to require me to go back over it and edit; most likely multiple times.
2. I need to just get started, jump in and putting words on the page.
3. Show, don’t tell!

These are some of the pretty basic things that are flowing through my head right now. However, I want to be more prepared. What can I do before I start churning out the next 79,000+ words so that I have a better chance of a) making it to the end and b) not wanting to destroy myself and the work that I have done?

If all of the fellow writers could give me some thoughts to consider it would be appreciated!

It’s not as if I haven’t been writing at all, I have been posting on here, writing reports for work and I am now also picking up my reading. I have cleaned out my second room and I have a nice clear desk to sit and work away, forcing myself away from the distraction of the TV. I limit my social media intake and am ready to get into it.

So the question remains –

* Which books on writing should I read?
* What courses should I attend?
* Which books and what authors should I read in my downtime?
* What things should I look out for whilst writing?
* What traps should I avoid?

Send me links to your posts, other blogs, websites, books on amazon, kindle, kobo….send me the information people! It would help immensely!

Thank you in advance!