WIP: Fifth Update


WIP: Fifth Update

I set myself a challenge last week to finish all of the back stories by the end of today. I am happy to report that I have completed them! I am glad that I decided to do this, as it helped strengthen the characters. By creating their pasts, it has shown how they have become the people they are within the story. One thing that I found was quite advantageous was to work from the present further back into their past, rather than go from their past forward to the present. This allowed me to place layers underneath a previous layer, and to align them correctly so that the life of the character grows appropriately. By working in reverse, there are fewer details to create in each layer, which means that it’s less likely to make a mistake and to contradict another point that has already been stated.

From completing this process, I have noticed something quite interesting. I now see how important the connection between characters within the story are. To explain, I imagine characters as small dots spread out over a page.

As the story progresses, the characters begin to grow. Their presence starts to dispel throughout the plot and interact with the other characters; with different interactions causing different outcomes.

If there are characters whose influence in the story does not directly nor indirectly affect others, are they required in the story? If their presence has no importance, then perhaps they are not required.

I have also created a “cast sheet” of all the characters so that it makes them easier to picture when writing. By being able to place a face to the character, it allows me to visualise them in the scene I am creating.

So, what’s next?

1. Continue reading
2. Begin investigating/planning the environment of the story

Once I have the environment outlined, it will be time to start digging deep and researching, looking at a writing course possibly, and begin writing some small pieces to start knocking the rust off my writing abilities. Slowly gathering momentum, which is both good and scary!


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