Something’s Missing

I was driving home the other day when Brandy’s – A Capella (Something’s Missing) came on.

I was listening to the lyrics and realised that it’s similar in meaning to John Mayer’s Something’s Missing.

So I was thinking, would it possible to stick these two together to come up a duet? Basing it on Brandy’s rhythm, here’s what I came up with. I imagined that each line would be sung alternatively by Brandy and John Mayer.

Something’s Missing

I’m feeling such a vacancy I don’t feel whole (oh oh)
I’m sitting here and I know that I’m all alone  – feel so down
I searched in every place I could see
I couldn’t find a friend ’round to love me
Wish I could ignore this feeling

Feels like I’m on the wrong journey going in circles
And I don’t know how I’m gonna fix it
I’m lost in the middle of nowhere
Something is missing
And I don’t know what it is
Something is missing
I’m missing a part of me
Something is missing
Show me what it is
Show me what’s missing
I don’t know at all

The loneliness comes in, leaves you in the dark
I’m looking for the light restore my vision (vision)
I’m moving forward, walking past
Trying to find my way around
I can’t explain this feeling


Feels like I’m leaving something behind
And I don’t know what’s in the back of my mind
Something’s missing and I don’t know what it is
Something’s different and I don’t know what it is
The answer’s gonna be right in my face
What I gotta do to fill this empty space


There are a couple likes that are sticking slightly, but that could be fixed with a bit of a change. I find it more challenging to try to write something where there are some strict rules that you have to abide by. Rewriting lyrics really presents a challenge – trying to present an altered story, but at the same time, fit with the cadence of the song. Tricky!


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