WIP: First Update

As I have been hinting at lately, I’m getting into planning out my story. I have currently finished creating the outlines of the eight characters who will be playing an important part in my story. From here, I am now piecing together the different sections of the plot that I have noted out. It is interesting, I have had a few shifts of idea whilst outlining the plot. These changes have added and removed different aspects of the plot. I am trying to ensure that all the ideas that I’ve had point toward the same storyline.

Once I have created these and put them into the correct order, I will look for holes in the plot. The times where I find myself asking “what next?”

I am currently tossing up whether or not to create detailed back stories for each of the characters. I want my characters to be “real” and so I want to ensure that I know them inside out. I don’t want to go down to infinite detail, but I want to make sure I know what they have done before getting to the opening sentence.

From there, I will then leave it for a little bit and start working on short stories. Get my writing skills sharp. I’m also looking at doing some courses in creative writing. I am now going to continue to read through the blogs of others going through the writing process, searching for tips and pitfalls to look out for. Because I haven’t written anything yet, I want to start with a solid foundation to avoid (as much as possible) the dreaded rewrite.

I haven’t done any poetry as of late and I think it’s about time I did. After doing some reading, I came across the description of haiku, which I think I will try my hand at also. Anything to get me to write in different ways. Also, after reading posts on Sue Healy’s page, I want to start writing with my left hand more. Apparently it activates your right brain (one side of your brain controls the other side of your body) which is the creative side. Hopefully it will help bring more ideas to the surface.

I think I shall do weekly updates, might make me focus on writing more. I don’t think I will be able to give an update of my progress every week, but there will be information about what I find in my search of tips and thoughts about how to progress my WIP.

And so it begins. Wish me luck.


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6 replies on “WIP: First Update

  1. Always wishing you luck. Can’t wait for you to be in the trenches with the rest of us;) Makes it easier to bounce ideas off each other and commiserate. Looking especially forward to the ‘rewrites’ ;))) Bwahahahaha.


  2. Ooh I am so excited! Another victim to the darkness of writing, not many get out alive!!

    Now I have read this post, ignore the email i just sent you – you don’t need any distractions at this time. Good luck.


  3. Victim? Commiserate? Maybe I should hold off? Ahaha. I’m excited, but apprehensive, there is a lot I don’t know and I really want to learn more before I begin. What things should I be looking at?


    1. My honest advice is just get writing. You have reserached so much, thought about your various aproaches, considered backgrounds subplots, dialogues…I really do think the best way to learn is to do. Re writes are horrible, but necessary. No matter how much work you put in beforehand, you cant avoid them…besides, we are all hoping to be beta readers so we get to spy the result of all this hard work at the earliest possible chance!


      1. Right now this is where I’m at:

        – Created characters
        – Plot and subplots being outlined

        I haven’t looked into dialogue just yet, as I’m trying to weed out the ideas that I’ve come up with that don’t fit. Once I have done that and given some structure to the plot/subplot then I can ensure that the characters are threaded in at the correct time.


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