Character Seeds

I have started plotting out the characters that will be in the story. It was harder than I thought it was going to be.

Initially, the characters which I outlined only covered a narrow band of the narrative; I had to think of the characters that would be needed to cover the entire story. Initially the characters I had outlined were only going to cover the initial and end part of the story. I realised that to create a colourful plot, there were characters that were missing – ones that were critical in moving the story forward.

I have mapped it out a little more, I realise that I am probably missing at least two characters. Once I have been able to work out who they are, I will be able to start creating biographies for each of the characters. Of course, the more important they are to the story, the more detail that is required. Once the back stories have been created, the next challenge will be to determine when and how to introduce them into the story.



Posted by:submeg

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