Writing – Baby Steps

I finally sat down today and began writing. No more stalling, no more thinking, no more plotting. I began working on the inner core of the story. I’ve found that all captivating stories have more than one layer. The very external layer is the one that contains the plot, which is well described and defined so the reader can readily understand the actions undertaken by the characters. However, for a story to be successful there has to be some depth. This secondary layer can contain many themes, either interlinked or separate. Tying these two layers together requires some kind of core reason.

Today I focused on defining the core reason. I have many ideas floating in my mind, but some of the ideas were conflicting, which meant that the core had gaps that raised questions that weren’t answered. Without a strong core, the readers will never connect with the characters and why they are undertaking their journey. I still have a way to go, but at least I’ve made a start. There are many more things I need to define in this core, but now I have a main idea which I can grow.

Once I have completed the core, the next step is to start focusing on the characters and their stories. However, at the same time I need to keep reading books of different genres so they can get an appreciation of different writing styles. From there, I can then focus on some short stories to get my mind into writing in an appropriate form.

Let the writing commence.



Posted by:submeg

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