Writing: Stage 0.2

It’s been a while since Stage 0.1, so I thought I would give an update. I’ve had some thoughts about how to go about starting. I realised that I needed to have some sort of structure or plan as to how I am going to go about starting this.

Before I delve too deeply into the thick, bubbling stew that is the plot, I want to create a basic structure so I can then focus on creating a back story for the characters. Being able to connect with the characters is an important part of any story, because if your readers don’t connect, the story doesn’t feel as solid. I want to have a history on all the characters so that it’s easier to incorporate them into the story as you can’t forget what you have or haven’t said about them. It also makes it easier to ensure that you haven’t accidently crossed information sets.

Ok, next step, start to organise my ideas into a basic plot.



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5 replies on “Writing: Stage 0.2

  1. I am not a planner when it comes to writing, I tend to spew over the page and then mop up the mess. However of late, this has changed as we have discussed different planning stages. for me I am at chapter fourteen now, and I am have started to fully develop my character bibles. Not only do i write about each character, but I am now including clippings from magazines of key items, such as hair style, fave handbag etc. I have also started to do this with the settings as well. It really does create a sense of ‘real’. Good luck!


    1. Hahaha, Ellie is so funny. Granted she has a point, I too am not a planner as you know. And I keep everything in my head for the most part which only makes things harder for me. I have begun (unbelievably) to outline. I’m doing it backwards but it still works as it ensures everything is lining up the way it should. I feel that if I outline too much from the get go, I lose the inspiration. It’s like walking into a dead end–you only have one way out and I don’t like that. We are obviously chomping at the bit for you to get started. The more of us in this boat, the easier it is to keep paddling.


  2. I guess I worry if I don’t plan, it is going to get out of hand and end up stalling. I definitely don’t want to have to go back over and create a plan after I’ve been writing for such a long time. It would be difficult to try and change the words created to “fit” a plan. Too much would have to be changed and it would cause the WIP to extend out, hopefully I can avoid it!


    1. Just write. Don’t think. You’ll be surprised at what you’ve written when you read it back later.

      A lot of writing is stalling. It’s not a smooth sailing venture–even with a plan and an outline;)


      1. That’s what all my writing is at the moment. Stalling! But I finished off my final two mind maps today and I also found what I had done already so it could be time to start!


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