Writing Tips: Spot the Difference (2): Practise vs Practice

This is a very common mistake, one that I had to relearn myself. Unfortunately, it seems that this has been lost in the “progression” of the English language.

verb: be involved in a rehearsal, rehearse, practice, repeat an activity several times in order to improve performance; learn by repetition

noun: habitual or customary performance; operation.

If we are going to put these ideas into practice, we shall have to practise our presentation skills.

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5 replies on “Writing Tips: Spot the Difference (2): Practise vs Practice

  1. You know…we don’t use practise at all in the U.S. Only practice here. Oh and realise too. It’s realize here. British Vs. English. Interesting since the origins didn’t change but the spellings did. (meanings too in some cases)


    1. Yes I know that’s the case, but this was directed more towards English (British) speakers. We use the British English so people have to relearn it a little bit. I’m guessing it changed (in case of the z instead of s) due to accents?


  2. I’m guessing that as well. But the British (English) pronunciation (and spelling) was in place before there was ever the American English one, so it seems to me it should just have stayed that way. (Opinion.)


    1. I just tried to quickly find out when that shift occurred, but this is not a simple task! Yes, it would have made sense for it to stay the same, however, when different groups of people combine, there is always going to be change. I find it interesting how when people travel overseas, even for a couple of weeks, they begin to pick up an accent. It’s very interesting to see how the brain just shifts to what is “normal” to the environment. Over time I’m guessing the more that people spoke with people of the same locality, they began to form their own accents and now it is the way it is.


      1. That is interesting and very true. This is the same with different languages as well. How quickly we pick up another language when we are in that culture and environment for a while.


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